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All nutrition counseling services are provided through a one-on-one virtual/telehealth platform. 
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Who I Work With

  • individuals with disordered eating/eating disorders

  • individuals seeking to establish a healthier relationship with food

  • individuals with a history of yo-yo dieting

  • individuals with a history of compulsive/over exercise

  • individuals seeking to address their health with a weight neutral approach.

  • individuals seeking to fuel themselves adequately and appropriately for exercise/performance nutrition

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Initial Consultation/


1 hour


In this initial consultation/assessment, we will review your personal health history, previous treatment (if applicable), eating patterns, review plan for treatment, and discuss next steps.

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40 minutes


This is the follow-up session to the initial assessment. It consists of goal progress, nutrition education, body image education, meal planning, and goal setting. We will meet as often as necessary, once per week is recommended in the beginning, and can decrease as you are ready.


1 initial assessment + 3 follow up sessions 


4 follow-up sessions bundle


Additional Services

Group presentations are available by request and are frequently provided to businesses, social and non-profit organizations, and church groups. Pricing varies depending on the topic, length of presentation needed, and turnaround time. Contact Sheena for additional details.

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