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Meeting your health goals through the foundation of a healthy relationship with food. 
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What Can You Expect Partnering with Me?

All clients in my practice can expect our relationship to be free from judgement and full of compassion. I use my years of training and experience to individually meet you where you are and appropriately challenge you in your recovery journey. 

You don't have to be ready to recover, you need only to be willing.

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About Sheena

As a registered dietitian nutritionist since 2007, I have spent the majority of my career supporting clients as they rediscover a healthy relationship with food in their journey to freedom from disordered eating and eating disorders.

Using intuitive eating and HAES (Health at Every Size) principles, I partner with individuals as we work to provide your body with nutrition rehabilitation and reframe disruptive thoughts that have prevented you from using food for both nourishment and pleasure.

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